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Grab the Upcoming Flash Sale 2018 Decorate your bedroom with Jersey sheet sets in fabulous colors with Flash Sale on, creating a fashionable cosmos of theme colors inside the room. Enjoy the Flash Sale up to 50% percent off buying Jersey sheet sets from Best quality ensured by Briarwood Home and the name itself is enough. Flash Sale is for those who love to revamp their homes every New Year and redecorate it. Why Jersey Sheet Sets Suit [...]


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Buy Jersey Bed Sheets On Sheet sets keep us warm in bed. Especially in winter sometimes you don’t want to get up and snuggle in your bed for hours. The sheet set beneath you is warm, cozy and soft. Feels like your favorite t-shirt, so soft it is. The origin of Jersey is from wool. But with changing times Jersey is now made of cotton, Synthetic fibers and wool too. The specialty of the Jersey is that it is [...]


January White Sale On Jersey Sheet Sets

The color white itself depicts softness and calmness in itself. The feel of your favorite t-shirt soft stretchy, cozy & comfortable.  We all love to have Jersey sheets underneath us in the chilly season specially when its available on sale. White Sale On Luxury Jersey Sheet Sets The January white Sale is specially targeted to home décor, Briarwood Home caters Jersey sheet sets and bedding sets, the Jersey bedding sets available in all but leaving few kinds of linens. Surely many of [...]