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The Topmost Luxury Towel Sets That Are Worth A Purchase

Towels are an essential hygienic purchase that everyone needs to consider buying more often than usual. They help us get dried-up as quickly as anything else. Investing in a good quality towel set is always a good thing and your body will thank you for that. Now there are a lot of cheap quality towel sets available in the market which looks great at the first sight but as soon as you start using them they bring out their real faces, they shed, pile and lose their softness over time. Briarwood-Home makes exceptional towel sets that are sure to make you purchase more after using them.

Our Difference

Briarwood-Home takes it into strict consideration that if we are making anything that people are going to use against their skin, it should be made of pure and organic materials and hence should be soft as a feather rather than being rough. We do not compromise on the quality of our towel sets and try our best to deliver you the best we can at the best prices as well.

Made With Perfection

Made With Perfection

Our super-quality, eco-friendly, soft to the touch, luxury hotel and spa style towel sets are manufactured with hundred percent organic and genuine cotton with long staples to make them even softer and silky in texture. The machinery and equipment used in their making have state of the art technology for an innovative and revolutionary product outcome.

Exquisite Patterns

Exquisite Patterns Towels

Not only we make the premium quality towel sets by using combed cotton staples but we also make them look extremely elegant and sophisticated so that they can accentuate your bathroom décor and give it a revamped look without having to renovate anything else in there. Briarwood-Home makes so many unique and mesmerizing patterns mostly woven on the dobby of the towel to give it extra fascination. We also cater to provide you with towel sets that are woven wholly with an artistic design for an even better improvement to your bathroom. These designs are simply the best presented in jacquard bars, diamond jacquard, viscose stripes and in many other amazing patterns.

Jacquard Bars Design

Jacquard Bars Design

Do you want your bathroom to look as elegant as your bedroom? Then change the one thing which can easily be done. Swap those old, worn-out, and faded towels with our refreshingly stunning and striking luxury towels with jacquard bars woven on its dobby for a touch of ultimate elegance. These come in a variety of different colors that are sure to make you want to buy more of our exceptional towels. Our color range includes vapor blue, mood indigo, cloud dancer, cashmere blue, white sand, blue yonder, white to steel grey. Our jacquard bars towels come in a set of six with three sizes ranging from two luxury bath towels, two premium quality hand towels and two perfectly moisture wicking washcloths. So make a purchase today to save tons of money from our sale section.

Dobby Check Double Pattern

Dobby Check Double Pattern

Are you looking for the best designer towel to put a lasting impression on your guests? Look no more as we got you covered. Our dobby check double towel set will surely make a big impression on your guests staying at your home. They are made with the purest and organic combed cotton long staples to make them extra luxuriant and softer. They are sophisticatedly woven with a nice double check on its dobby for an added touch of gracefulness. Our dobby check double towel sets are neatly made to be extremely fluffy and highly absorbent for the best bathing experience. These fluffy towels come in a huge array of sophisticated colors ranging from blue yonder, white sand, cloud dancer, steel grey, cashmere blue, white, to vapor blue color, each color helps in accentuating your bath décor to the maximum. Our towel sets come in all the helpful sizes ranging from two extra-large bath towels, two medium sized hand towels to two small washcloths. Buy our dobby check double woven towel set today and get massively discounted offers.

Viscose Stripes Woven Towels

Viscose Stripes Woven Towels

Do you want to buy a towel set that is fluffy and extremely absorbent? Then check our viscose stripes woven towel set for an amazing find. These towels are made with hundred percent genuine combed cotton fibers which makes them highly durable and breathable as well as soft and silky to the touch. Our viscose stripes woven towel set possess a quick-drying technology to make you dry in a matter of seconds. Its design is not a regular one with viscose stripes woven on its dobby which adds a nice sheen to it that makes it look utterly fascinating to the eyes. Our viscose stripes towels are available to purchase in a six-piece set that ranges from hotel and spa quality two bath towels, two best quality hand towels to two highly absorptive washcloths. The color range is fabulous including vivid bright hues, to light and natural hues. Grab a set today to make your bath décor more impressive.

Diamond Jacquard Style

Diamond Jacquard Style

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your bath décor then you might want to invest in our diamond jacquard towel set which is our number one hot seller product in the bath towels category. Get this set to glamorize your bathroom from a dull looking bathroom to fabulous looking within minutes when you swap these with your old towels. These are made of 100% pure cotton staples to increase longevity and breathability in them. Utterly soft to the touch and fluffy in texture, our towels are made with a quick drying and moisture wicking technologies for your best comfort. Not only its dobby instead the whole towels are woven with diamond jacquard design to increase attractiveness in them. Comes in a set of six including to large bath towels, two highly absorbent washcloths and two medium hand towels. Purchase your favorite color of our diamond jacquard towel set and avail humungous discounts.

Zero Twist High Low Design

Zero Twist High Low DesignFor an utterly remarkable bathing, cleaning and washing experience, get yourself our zero twists high low ribbed towel set which is softer and fluffier unlike any other. Give your bathroom décor a new and revamped look by simply putting our designer bath towels there which are designed with uniqueness in zero twist high low ribs woven all over them. They come in gorgeous shades including white sand, steel grey, pure white, cloud dancer, and blue yonder, vapor blue and cashmere blue. Add a touch of trendiness to your bathroom by choosing one of our cottony and fluffy towels available on a huge discount right now in our sale section.

Zero Twist Plush Towel Set

Zero Twist Plush Towel SetThis one is remarkably made with the finest cotton staples to give it special fluffiness and softness, unlike any other set. Our zero twist plush towel set will beautify your bathroom’s whole ambiance by just putting them there. They are strikingly designed with a zero twist plush pattern woven on their dobby. These come in a set of six-piece towels ranging from two over-sized large bath sheets, two hotel and spa quality hand towels and two absorbent washcloths. Get these today in amazingly fascinating colors ranging from vivid blues, neutral whites and greys to add elegance with sophistication to your bath décor. These are perfect to use after yoga or an intense workout as they wick away moisture and are highly absorbent. These are luxurious in quality and looks very beautiful to the eyes. Get them today on enormous discounts and save yourself some dollars.

Luxury Soft Ring Spun Pattern

Luxury Soft Ring Spun PatternThis is our best of the best towel set with being the best-seller on our website. Our luxury soft ring spun towel set will highlight all the spots of your bathroom with minimizing all the dull and lifeless parts. Our designer towels are made with the organic combed cotton long staples to give them life and breathability. They will surely modernize your bathroom with their simplest yet classy design that is ring spun woven on their dobby for a trendy looking towel. These are reasonably-priced towels. Our towel sets are made with perfection including six towels ranging from two luxury bath towels, two luxe hand towels to two deluxe washcloths good for any purpose. Snatch a deal today by availing gigantic discounts on our luxury soft ring spun towel set through our ongoing sale.

That sums up our top luxury towel sets to make your bath décor utterly wonderful and mesmerizing. We hope that this blog will be helpful to you in deciding the best luxurious towel set for yourself. Keep reading our blogs for more interesting reads like this. Write to us with your thoughts and suggestions on this blog and we’ll surely give them a read. Stay connected to our social media accounts.

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