Comfy Bow Tie Blankets, Keeps Cozy All Nights, High Quality Lightweight Acrylic Blanket

Best Acrylic Bow Tie Blankets:  Our bow blankets are knitted with the 100% acrylic fibers and provides relaxing sleep. It gives a feeling of comfort and warmth due to its fleecy fuzzy texture. Acrylic fabric can be used throughout the year due to its comfort factor. Acrylic fibers are dyed easily and the color payoff is really bright and vivid. Cozy acrylic blankets are water-resistant meaning they are moisture wicking. These are really comfortable to wear and classy to drape around a sofa in place of a throw. These blankets can be used in any season because of acrylic used in them which makes it easy to adjust to specific qualities for specific climates. Blanket’s ideal size makes it more unique because you can easily wrap the blanket around you and it will completely cover you, leaving you warm and fuzzy. Easy laundering: washing these acrylic blankets is so easy. You can was them in a regular washing machine.