Choosing suitable blankets according to your environmental conditions and budget might be challenging, but no worries as Briarwood Home offers you with five types of deluxe blankets at reasonable price – Basket Weave, Cotton Basket Weave, Cable Knit, Bow Tie, Chevron Plush. Available in beautiful pastel colors – Light Blue, Warm Beige, Grey and Ivory. Our queen size blanket matches perfect with any bedding. Your bed will surely be incomplete without our collection of sumptuous blankets. So, adorn your dorms decorative with ultramodern blankets.
Select your favorite blanket from our range of five lavish blankets and snooze well!!

About The Fabric

Our Luxurious collection of blankets are made with pure cotton fabric and acrylic. Blankets made from pure cotton, wick moisture away from body and keeps you warm, cozy, without causing you overheat. These blankets are knitted with ultra soft linen fabric that works as a natural temperature regulator, its lightweight makes it durable and perfect for year-round use – Whereas, Acrylic is warm and lightweight, and it is much easier to care. Acrylic blankets are machine washable for easy maintenance, and their colors don’t fade away even after consistent washings.

Basket Weave Blanket

 Fabric: Acrylic

Colors and Size: Ivory, Grey, Blue, and Beige, Queen size

Weave: knitted 

This Basketweave blanket works up surprisingly quick and you’ll be warm and cozy in no time! The basket weave stitch gives it a beautiful texture and pattern. This supremely comfortable blanket will make you want to wrap yourself up and not come out for the rest of the season. This beautiful weave blanket is the perfect addition to any bedroom décor. This cozy blanket pattern is  wonderful for draping over a chair or over a crib, lies beautifully on any sofa or bed. This machine washable blanket is available in a variety of trendy colors. Get one up in your favorite color or a color to match your bedroom.

Why are Basket Weave the best blanket?

Because its plush fiber helps in making it more durable and fluffy. A basket weave blanket can instantly make your bedroom look cozier. These are all season luxury basket weave blankets and provides the perfect level of softness and warmth for a perfect nights sleep.

Cotton Basket Weave Blanket

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Colors and Size:  Ivory, Grey, Blue, and Beige,  Queen size

Weave: knitted

 Add another layer of comfort to your bedding with organic Cotton Basket Weave Blanket. This subtle yet stylish cotton basket weave blanket is beautiful and stylish. Wrap yourself in pure comfort with all season cotton blanket. Cotton is durable and all natural. This soft, warm blanket has been knitted with a unique textured weave resulting in a stunning visual texture. Perfect for all seasons, this machine washable blanket is available in a variety of trendy colors to coordinate beautifully with your décor.

Why are Cotton Basket Weave the best blanket?

This blanket is ideal for year-round – Keeps you warm through even the coldest night. This organic cotton blanket is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal extra layer for warmer months. Our cotton made blankets require low maintenance due to their ability to stay fresh and clean for a longer period.

Bow Tie Blanket

Fabric: Acrylic

Colors and Size: Ivory, Grey, Blue, and Beige,  Queen size

Weave: knitted

 Wrap up with a bow tie blanket from Briarwood Home! Warm and soft touch. Gives a snugly mood while resting comfortably in fuzzy blanket. Super-soft and smooth texture makes our blankets perfectly incredible for everyday use. Our bow tie blankets are knitted with the acrylic fibers and provides relaxing sleep. It gives a feeling of comfort and warmth due to its fuzzy texture. Acrylic fibers are dyed easily and the color payoff is really bright and vivid. These are really comfortable to wear and classy to drape around a sofa in place of a throw. These blankets can be used in any season because of acrylic used in them which makes it easy to adjust to specific qualities for specific climates. Blanket’s ideal size makes it more unique because you can easily wrap the blanket around you and it will completely cover you, leaving you warm and fuzzy. Caring and washing these acrylic blankets is so easy. You can wash them in a regular washing machine.

Why are Bow tie the best blanket?

These blankets can be used throughout the year because of the flexibility and durability of the fabric which is pure acrylic. Soft bowtie blankets are prefect for layering any bed. Acrylic blankets are water-resistant meaning they are moisture wicking.

Cable Knit Blanket

Fabric: Acrylic

Colors and Size: Ivory, Grey, Blue, and Beige,  Queen size

Weave: knitted

 Add irresistible warm to your beds with our cable knit blanket. Soft and snug, this blanket is crafted from premium quality and the design will add class to your home. Stay warm and cosy all night. This stylish cable knit gives a perfect décor to your bed. This blanket will update your bedroom décor and give a modern look. This knitting process uses jumbo yarns and giant needles, so there is no way this blanket would not be equally as fast as it is cuddly. And cuddly it is! The fabric is super soft and plush, and you will not want to leave its happy warmth. Purchase this blankets for yourself and every one of your friends because you will want to share the snuggly love. Cable knit blanket offers an extra cozy layer to any corner of your home. Beautiful knitted design and fluffy texture. Machine washable and dryer-safe for effortless upkeep.

Why are Cable Knit the best blanket?

This cuddly cable knit blanket is extra thick and plush. Ideal for dressing your bed and keeping your toes warm. Light weight yet warm allows for extreme comfort. The cool comfort cable knit blanket is a cushy blanket made using big knitting needles.

Chevron Plush Blanket

Fabric: Acrylic

Colors and Size: Ivory, Grey, Blue, and Beige,  Queen size

Weave: knitted

Super soft chevron blanket. Get into your comfy zone with chevron blankets wrapped around in shivery nights. Gives glamorous look to your beddings. This beautiful Chevron blanket is perfect to keep you warm! The Blanket is decorative and super comfortable. It’s extremely soft and is very popular for wrapping on a couch to add to any home decor. Give life to your bed, chair or sofa, by placing one of these blankets available in fascinating colors to highlight your room decor. Perfect for napping and covering up on cold nights. Plushy design makes it durable to last a lifetime with proper care and gets softer on every wash. Easy care machine wash and tumble dry.

Why are Chevron the best blanket?

Our Modern Chevron blankets are Soft, acrylic fabric is perfect for year-round comforts. Super comfy that you’ll overcome by fatigue of long tiring days when you wrap around the cushy blankets. Super-soft and smooth texture makes our blankets perfectly incredible for everyday use.

Care instructions

Always wash them separately in cold water on gentle cycles. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low, remove promptly. Use large capacity washer. Avoid sun exposure – dyes might get lighter.

Why Are We The Best?

 We provide best product and service quality with guaranteed reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Our blanket collection is fashionable with unique design patterns. We always make sure to keep you budget friendly. Pick your favorite modish blankets from our range of Basket weave, Cotton Basket weave, Bow tie, Cable knit and Chevron – made of coziest fabric and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Get yourself snuggly and cuddly! Add glamor to your homes by purchasing trendy linen from Briarwood Home collection – available online at Amazon.com!

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