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Beach Towels are a necessity for any household. They are not only great for the beach but for all outdoor activities at the beach, pool, lake, park, and back yard. A good beach towel will not only last one season but a few. The towel is a great buy as long as it lasts a few years. There are many many beach towels for sale and you want to buy a 100% Cotton Best Beach Towels. 100% Cotton is the most absorbent, durable, and super soft. Look at the loops of the towel. Short loop terry is the best as it dries faster and resists snagging. Terry Loop Beach Towels will have the loops on one side and you also want a towel where you can see the woven selvage ends – you won’t have to worry about the edges unraveling. For a towel to be fashion right, super soft, and durable you want a better quality towel. The higher the quality of the towel means less fading from the sun and little shrinkage in the wash. Along with the quality of the product is the quality of the design, printing, and weaving. Please remember all dyes are not created equal. You really want to understand the difference. You want to look for printed towels that use fiber reactive dyes. The dyes bond with the fabric so they become one and hold the color. Fading is not an issue. Even better than printed towels are woven yarn dyed jacquard towels. The yarns are dyed- with fiber reactive dyed stuffs and then woven into the design. The designs are more defined, the terry is softer, and the durability is outstanding. Fiber Reactive Yarn Dyed Jacquard Beach Towels can last for years. The color stays and the towel just gets softer with each wash.

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