Zero Twist Plush

Highly Absorbent Towels – Soft and Fluffy Towels For Guests

Zero Plush Guest Towels Set

 Zero Twist Plush Guest Towels Set

☑️Imported ☑️100% Cotton ☑️Soft & Fluffy ☑️Highly Absorbent ☑️500GSM ☑️Guest Towels ☑️Washcloths

Here is our bestseller which is softest of them all plus it is plushier than any other towel set. Zero twist plush guest towels are made with extra care to accomplish their soft and fuzzy texture. These are made with a hundred percent pure cotton fibers that add to their durability and breathability, making them extra-absorbent than others. It comes in eight vibrant plus cool colors ranging from whites, greys to blues and every color in between them. So choose the color you love and order today to get massive discounts and save a ton of money while shopping from Briarwood-home.

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